Actuarial science intern cover letter

Look for internships in other cities, other states or provinces, maybe even other countries!

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Be open to positions that are closely related to the actuarial field too, like underwriting, data analysis, investments or risk management. This process is pretty time consuming, but tends to go the smoothest if you have all your cover letters and resumes ready before you apply to the postings.

This way, you can just zip through the application process with each company without having to stop to work on your resume and cover letter between each application.

Employers are busy. Following up may just get you the opportunity that you need to get that actuarial internship! For positions posted online where an application deadline was specified, you should wait until a week or 2 after the deadline before following up.

Actuarial Careers

First — you have to do some research. You may be able to mention them casually during your interview. Instead, just have some bullet points in your mind about things that you could talk about. That can make a huge difference! Being about 10 minutes early is ideal. Try to stay calm and relax. The best situation is if your interview is more like a conversation rather that just a question and answer session. If they see that, then things look good for you!

Actuarial Intern Resume Sample

Again, everyone has different opinions on this interview follow-up, just like the resume application follow up I talked about earlier. If you do follow up after the interview, you need to be extremely confident in your ability to write a good follow-up email.

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It should be professional, summarize some of the key points that you talked about during the interview, and your include your contact information. Personally, I usually skip over this step. So those are my 7 steps to getting your first actuarial internship.

How to get an actuarial internship in 2018

If you want more resume tips and job search advice just sign up for my regular email tips by entering your email address below. Learn things like Step 1 — Fix up your resume This is actually the most important part.

The 4 Sentence Cover Letter That Gets You The Job Interview

In my current position I utilize multiple statistical models to analyze probabilities in order to arrive at recommended insurance product prices. I have excellent analytical skills and am very comfortable with statistics.

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I work well on a team and can effectively collaborate with others. I have am fully certified at both the Associate and Fellowship levels through the Casualty Actuarial Society. Previous projects have included working with a team of professionals to complete a complex analysis following Hurricane Katrina. My strong problem-solving and analytical skills would fit perfectly with the Actuarial Analyst position at XYZ Insurance.

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  7. Upon meeting I believe you will agree that my skills lend perfectly to the Actuarial Analyst position. Please call to schedule an interview.